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Love from across the pond. Check out the interview with the ladies of shreddingbetty on Powderroom.


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It’s time for the girls to head to Mt. Hood for a summer at the “funnest place on earth”. Betty Rides will be teaming with Windells Snowboard Camp for its fourth year with a private signature cabin and design-a-shirt sponsor nights with tons of free swag.

This summer, Windells has renovated their private on-hill park as the first camp to add two tow ropes – that’s right, no more hiking! It’s time to show off to your mom and pop that you can gain more than just scabs and bruises at a snowboard camp. Ask your parents if they know what a rodeo 360 or a tindy is – bet it’s not in their vocabulary. Betty Rides is the longest running women’s snowboard company since 1994.

So come prepared to learn new tricks with the girls, participate in the Heshin’ Delicatessen’s food fights and of course, gossip about the boys at camp. Besides, whatever happens at camp, stays at camp (at least if you want it to).

Session 1 – NOW!

Session 2 – June 16- June 23

Session 3 – June 26 – July 3

Session 4 – July 6 – July 13

Session 5 – July 16 – July 23

Session 6 – July 26 – August 2

Session 7 – August 5 – August 11



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For the lucky ladies in San Francisco –

This weekend the offices will be open and selling all sorts of goodies at bargin prices. For the Nikita clothing fans out there, this one is irresistible!

Tons of great streetwear, including women’s hoodies, pants, jackets, swimwear and more will be discounted.

For those who can’t fly into San Francisco, you can always snag some great summer Nikita clothing at shreddingbetty.com too!

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Register to WIN a trip to High Cascade’s rad snowboard camp. You know YOU WANT IT!

Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer snowboarding? Now, here’s your chance to do it for free! High Cascade, one of the most wicked snowboard camps at Mt. Hood in OR, is offering the opportunity to win a summer trip. Get in on the action ladies!

Register here.

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Check out the new Skullcandy Tokidoki TI headphones on shreddingbetty!

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Check out the feature on Barrett Christy of GNU snowboards fame in the March issue of Transworld Snowboarding! Member of the first Olympic snowboarding team (1998), winner of more X-Games medals than any other female snowboarder to date, mother and generally rad role model!

barrett christy in tws

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